Shalvata offers its wide range of clients the opportunity to enjoy different kinds of things in the same place, starting from the deck which offers a good dinner and the ocean view, through the bar for a drink & a side dish next to it, and to sumthings up, no matter what you will choose, you'll always be able to enjoy the good music and the lively and spiked atmosphere of the place.
 This year we have chosen Chef David Alkelay, who specializes in seafood and fish, to construct the menu. And we highly recommend a bottle of Gamla Chardonnay next to calamari rings fried with a-ioli dressing.
The breakfasts in Shalvata are served between 9 Am and 12:30 Pm, these breakfasts are diverse and range between health food such as granola, summer fruits, yoghurt and honey to pancakes with summer fruits, maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream or a spicy shakshuka with a wide selection of cheese and homemade jams.
Shalvata is located in the old port of Tel-Aviv near the point where the Yarkon River joins the sea. The ocean, the sandbox and the magical atmosphere keep luring people and taking their breath away.
Events: 054-8122223

Business Card

Coffee Shop, Bar - Restaurant, On the beach
Tel-Aviv port
Tel Aviv
Phone: 0539442873
Fax: 03-5441041
Activity Hours:
sun - sat : 9:00 - last customer
Price Per Diner
60 - 120 nis
Payment Methods
cash - credit card